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Apex Auto Locksmith offers 24-hour emergency service. If you find yourself in a jam out on an highway or on a rural road outside of the city, Apex Auto Locksmith can send out a trained auto locksmith to provide you with the needed fix.
If your key breaks off in your motorcycle’s ignition, you lost your key remote, or you locked your keys in your car’s trunk, simply call us and we’ll be there to help. Some of our most popular car and motorcycle locksmith services include:

  1. Broken keys in doors
  2. Broken ignition keys
  3. Emergency Unlocks
  4. Key cutting
  5. High security keys
  6. Smart keys
  7. Remote keys
  8. Transponder keys
  9. Laser track keys
  10. Security device installation and more

Car key Replacement System

Apex Auto Locksmith proudly offers car key replacement services to drivers. Our locksmiths provide key duplication services just like your dealership, but at a more affordable price.

Parts of the Key

They may look fairly simple, but today’s car keys are comprised of various parts that each have their own special job.

The bow is the part of the key that you hold on to when you’re operating it. It is usually shaped like a circle or a rectangle and is generally where your key fob buttons are located. Most bows on today’s car keys have a plastic cover, which houses a transponder chip.

The bitting, which may also be called the ridges or teeth of the key, are the cuts that move the lock’s internal mechanisms. Depending on the lock, the bitting may be on both sides of the key, and on newer cars, the bitting may be in a snake-type pattern on the sides of the key.

The key’s wards are what keep it from fitting in locks other than those on your vehicle. They don’t affect the internal components in any way, but they will keep your Ford key from fitting into a Chevrolet lock.

The tip of the key, which is at the opposite end of the bow, is what you line up with the keyway before inserting it. Today’s car keys can be inserted two different ways, meaning that you don’t have to worry about inserting the key upside down.

Types of Car Keys

Wafer keys can be identified by their grooves on both the top and bottom of the blade. By themselves, wafer locks aren’t very secure and can be easily opened with jiggle keys, wave keys, or other similar tools. To improve their security, transponder chips often will be inserted into the bow. While this may not keep a thief from breaking into your vehicle, it will prevent them from starting it.

Slider keys, which are used in newer vehicles, are recognizable by the snake-like pattern on the blade. They are often hidden within the fob and are released when a button is pressed. Like wafer keys, they contain a chip that enables you to use it to turn the car on.

Key fobs are the electronic part of the key. Most key fobs have buttons to lock and unlock the vehicle as well as open the trunk or sound an alarm, and others have buttons that allow you to start your vehicle.

Steering Column Repair

Just like all the other parts of your car, over time the small parts inside the ignition cylinder can wear out, leaving you unable to start your vehicle.

The ignition lock assembly itself is a relatively simple tumbler and key mechanism which is built to last the expected lifetime of the vehicle. With constant use, debris can build up inside the tumblers, causing the mechanism to jam.

Worn-down or bent keys can also damage the pins inside the lock cylinder, while the tumblers can become rounded over, break, or get stuck, making it tough to turn the key. If this is the cause of the problem, our auto locksmith can create a brand-new master key rather than simply making a duplicate using a key that’s already starting to wear out.

Unfortunately, auto thieves also often use destructive techniques in an effort to steal your vehicle, leaving you with a broken ignition, stuck lock, or key broken inside your ignition.

The good news is that with the exception of broken locks or a stuck lock that’s the result of an accident or crime, in most cases your car will give you some advance warning that you need to call a column repair specialist. Getting the work done before your keys won’t turn can save you the stress that comes with being stuck with a broken ignition.

Here are the signs you should have your ignition lock assembly checked by a licensed, registered locksmith:

  1. You have a loose steering column that rattles while you are driving
  2. You’ve noticed you now have to ‘jiggle’ your ignition key to get your car to start
  3. You’re having trouble inserting your key into the ignition
  4. You struggle to remove your ignition key
  5. Your key is so loose that you can actually remove it from the ignition while the engine is still running

If any of these things sound familiar, it’s time to contact a registered locksmith for help. Unlike general mechanics who have limited experience and training in dealing with lock assemblies, a certified, fully-insured auto locksmith has the specialized tools and knowledge it takes to quickly diagnose and repair everything from broken locks to loose steering columns.

Car Computer Reprogramming & Immobilizer Reflashing

We Can Reprogram Your Car Computer And Create New Keys For You

From key duplication to car computer reprogramming, our team at Apex Auto Locksmith is always available to help you. When it comes to managing today’s lock systems, especially for vehicles, there are more digital components than ever. It is no longer simple to get key duplication since keys require programming to link the key to the vehicle. Our experienced locksmiths can help you to ensure this is always possible for you.

Reprogramming A Car’s Computer

Many vehicles have Electrically Erasable Programmable Read-Only Memory (EEPROM), a type of memory designed to provide very specific information to the user. This type of memory, considered a read-only memory, allows the contents to be erased and reprogrammed. This is done using specialized tools and pulsed voltage.

In short, it is the only way for us to create new keys for you when necessary. When we reflash computer components, we connect your vehicle to a computer using a box and cable setup. This processes us with the ability to communicate the proper message to your vehicle. This process works as a type of interface and gateway to allow for messages to be communicated between the computer and the controller. In short, this is what allows us to help you update security to your car.

You may need automotive key generation and car key programming for various reasons. The underlying goal is always to ensure your vehicle is operating in a safe manner, limiting access from the wrong people. This type of technology is being found more often today including on vehicles such as Lexus and Toyota brands.